It’s called the “What If” game!

Soul Tribe!

Ya’ll know I am a law of attraction junkie and today I want you to go on a manifestation journey with me!

Usually the words, “what if” accompany fears.  What if I fail?  What if they judge me? What if I look stupid?  You know the drill.  But, for this game we are going to create a list of positive what ifs.

We aren’t only going to make a list we are going to take 5 minutes each day and pick something off your “what if” list and sit in the energy of the possibilities.

Let’s try one together.

What if you got to travel multiple places multiple times a year?

What does that mean to your family?  Where will you go?  How would this impact your life?  What will it look like (imagine)?  What does it feel like?  What types of activities will you do?  What seasons will you go?

Do you see how that one question can expand into multiple “what ifs”?  What if you flew first class?  What if you took your siblings?  What if you stayed beach front or on top of a mountain.

You see, the neat thing about his exercise is your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real or made up “memories”.  That and during  this visualization exercise your mind actually moves the same way as if it were actually happening.

This is what I call Alchemy right here.  Quantum physics and manifestation are in action!!

The other tip I will share here is that our imagination is our third eye, our gateway to consciousness.  We don’t need to learn to use it, we are born with it!  It’s only when we are told as a child that it isn’t real that we disassociate with it”s power!  I teach about this in the intuition and mediumship development courses.

Fire up your “what if” machine and share with our group what your “what ifs” are!

Oh, one more thing!  Have you seen my law of attraction video series?  Check it out because learning the law of attraction will change your life!

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