Tonight’s new moon comes with a powerful emotional energy.  You may be feeling extra emotional and that’s why!

In this energy it is important to spend some extra time with self care.  Light a candle, sage yourself, take a healing bath, put on your essential oil diffusers and love yo-self!

Giving thanks for all you have accomplished is a perfect ceremony for a new moon.  I remember reading somewhere about how the Universe loves gratitude and not “give me more, more, more”.  When it blesses you acknowledge it and when you accomplish something, even if it’s super small, you need to throw some love juju your own way too!

So write a list of everything you did since the last new moon.  Whether it’s not screaming at the kiddos, not burning dinner, or even the fact that you took time to meditate.  These are all great reasons to fill your belly (AKA your Care Bear light) with the energy of gratitude!

Start a new!

If you plan on starting anything, even if you are just at the idea stage, bless it by submerging it in the energy of the moon.  Even though it is darkest at this stage it is a “blank slate” so to say and is ready for you to start creating!

I LOVE to start any of my group coaching programs or online courses during the New Moon.  I feel it gives the students/clients a great start!

Set new intentions!

Write a list of intentions you have.  Get clear.  Remember, you want what you want, not necessarily money.  You may want to travel and instead of asking for money, ask for travel.  You aren’t the one in charge of the “how” it’s your job to know the “what” and allow the magic of the moon to sort the “how” out for you.

With Cancer being a water sign you can speak your intentions into a cup of water, write your intentions in the water, etc. and then give them up to the moon and then be GRATEFUL for what is coming!



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