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There’s 4 major steps to developing your intuition and communicating with the Spirit world, your Spiritual Team Members, and your Higher Self and one of them is Journaling!  I’ve actually hooked you up with the chapter from my second book, Your Freaking Amazing GIFTS all about this subject

“There are many reasons why journaling is a good practice.  If you have never tried it, I recommend just letting it all flow.  There is no wrong or right way to journal. Most authors use their journals to create their books, including me!  It is a safe place to write down our thoughts and emotions to get the weight off.  Some people start their day out by journaling about what is bothering them, and what is going great.  Others like to keep track of dreams or simply all the random things that happen during daily life.

In developing your intuition, I like to tell my students to journal, journal, journal!  And guess what?  You there, yes you, the one reading this book.  You now have your first homework assignment.  The minute you set the intention that you want to develop this invisible gift, all of the Universe moves energy on your behalf.  As soon as they sign up for my online development courses, the majority of my students will start experiencing things in relation to their re-awakening that is important to journal.  Things such as wild dreams, synchronicities, strange feelings in your stomach, strange knowings, emotional experiences like toxic people falling away, or even strange food cravings or dislikes, are all important to document during your journey.  Journal all about it and make sure to date it because things may come together or make more sense at a later date and then you have somewhere to come back to and reference it.
When you set out to meet your spirit guides, they like to see you journal what your experience was.  Journaling is a form of communicating with them.  If your guides show you or tell you something in a meditation and then you journal about it, they will know you received the information.  And if you journal but leave some key points out then that is a sign to your guides to deliver the message again or for them to try using a different approach or different form of communication.
Another benefit of journaling is that it brings your thoughts from your head (non-physical) onto the paper (psychical realm).  It is the first step in manifesting.  For example, writing down questions in your journal is an invitation to the Universe to lead you to the answer.  Writing in your journal versus letting our brain keep track, will keep the information fresh. in plain sight, puts power to it and gets the ball rolling.
Additionally, your re-awakening process and your experiences may lead to that book you’ve always wanted to write.  Your spiritual team has a lot to say, not just to you, but to all of humanity and many gifted people use their journal and end up channeling via automatic writing.
When should you journal?  The best time to journal is after being in a meditative state when your mind is still and aware.  That is when you are closest to consciousness and can receive what many call “spiritual downloads.”  I also recommend journaling after waking up from a vivid dream; when you are upset; journal about your goals and what you want more of in your life. Of course, when you have an aha moment grab that journal, because that aha moment is most likely inspiration!  And I read somewhere that the word inspiration can mean in-spirit.  

If you haven’t heard me say this yet, trust and allow what comes to you enough to write it down.  So grab your pen and your journal and just free write something today!  Get into the habit and watch how things start unfolding.”

Why am I sharing this with you today?  Because, this month (September 2017) we are doing a group challenge in our group all about journaling!  Come join us and get a chance at a free mini-coaching PACKAGE with me.  Share your journal experience with us!

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