The full moon is always the time to reap the rewards of the seeds you planted during the previous new moon or in the past.  This month we are having a blue moon, which is when you have two full moons in the same month, a super moon, which is when the moon is closet to earth, a blood moon, which means the location of the moon gives it a red tint, and a lunar eclipse.

Talk about moon juju!!

Before you do the guided meditation that I made for you, you will want to prepare.  Spirit loves intention.  Spirit loves ceremonies.  Here are a few tips to prepare.

Cleanse yourself

You can use sage, a feather, or something like a Reiki shower to clean off your aura.  You can also take a healing bath with essential oils and sea salt or simply take a shower and visualize the water cleaning away debris off of your energy field.

Invite your Spiritual team

Even if you don’t know who your spirit guides are you can invite them along with your Angels and past loved ones in love and light only to be with you to assist in making this ceremony move energy.

Light a candle

Lighting a candle also helps bring a beautiful energy in that will burn away what no longer serves you (energetically) and raises the vibration of your area.

Be centered and grounded

We want to be completely present during our ceremony so that we are still in our center and our mind chatter slows down.  You can sit outside or visualize being in nature.  You can watch my how to ground yourself video here!

Write a list

Write down what no longer serves you.  It can be thoughts you have, beliefs, habits, or even relationships.  With this moon being in Leo, which is the Sun sign you can stand in the moonlight and burn what you wrote down while offering it to the energy of the moon.

In particular, with this eclipse, it is wrapping up and putting to an end the challenges we were facing during the last two solar eclipses in February 2017 and August 2017.  2017 was a year of transition.  Many people were being presented with old patterns or old problems resurfaced and these are all now being closed and completed. (insert a hell yes)!!

Now that you have completed these steps of your ceremony, I invite you to listen to this guided meditation to be in connection, and fill yourself up with the energy of the moon.

When we have a full moon, new moon, or any type of major alignment of planets, that is when earth is exposed to energetic portals that bathe us all where we can “level up” so to say.  It’s a great idea to always do a meditation during these phases.

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