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In this self paced intensive you will get:

Explore and develop each aspect of your intuition

Understand various techniques to safely explore the spirit realm.

Clairvoyance, psychic seeing

Clairaudence, psychic hearing

Clairsentience, psychic feeling

Energy Management for the Empath

Lifetime access to my exsclusive private Facebook community with peer students

Create lasting relationships with people who understand you.

Get support and encouragement from your peers!

Learn to exchange readings

Really fine tune your gifts by doing unlimited practice readings with group members!

Learn at your own pace

Access to play based home assignments,  video lessons & photo assignments can be done on your own time!


Spirit Guide Module

  • What a spirit guide is
  • How to meet them
  • How they are already communicating with you
  • How to communicate with them
  • Ways they work with you
  • Spirit animals and their messages


Develop your Mediumship!

  • Understand your energy field and how it is effected by the spirit realm
  • Understand the many ways that the spirit realm is already communicating with you
  • Learn how to own your energy
  • Learn different ways to decipher information from the spirit realm
  • Learn how to communicate with past loved ones
  • How to receive information from Angels & Guides
  • How do mediumship readings


All About Angels!

  • What are Angels
  • What do Angels help with
  • Which Angels do what
  • Meet your Guardian Angel
  • Signs your Angels are sending
  • How to do Angel Readings
  • Angel numbers and feathers


Bonus Lessons

Automatic Writing

Animal Communication

Astral Projection

Feng Shui


Self Care for the intuitive

Divination tools

Your Role in the Collective Evolution

Crystal grids

Healing modalities

and more….

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