A checklist to a great 2018 and beyond! 🙌

If you follow these simple tips they will help you stay on your soul’s path to a freaking amazing life!

Never stop believing

An external event or even the alignment of the planets can sometimes leave you feeling unsure about your greatness. If that happens, you MUST do whatever it takes to start believing that you really do have a special purpose and you have everything inside of you to do it. Remember, we only take action on what we believe so this is important!

Spend time alone

In order to stay true to our path we must go within and connect with our essence. Otherwise we become influenced by what we see outside ourselves. It’s easy to fall back into a slumber if we aren’t consistently checking back IN.

Only take action if it leads you closer to your dreams

The only thing worth pursuing is the pursuit of your soul’s mission. Before you make decisions this year, ask yourself “is this getting me closer to my dreams or did I get distracted”.

Stay in your lane

Everyone has free will to have their own reality, including you. You do you without trying to please others and allow them to follow their path without pushing your beliefs on them.

Break the rules!

You really did come here to be a renegade, a revolutionary lightworker, a game changer. That means you will feel called to break free from the norm. Do it!!!

Happy New Year my friends!!
xoxo Brandaleen

This path can be difficult to walk alone especially with all the distractions that are there to stop you!

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