Everyone goes through difficult times which can leave you feeling hopeless.  I’m here to tell you that anything that presents itself to you is also accompanied by a choice.

You can choose the hard road:

  • Judge the experience as if it is “happening to you”.
  • You can cry and stomp and get mad as hell (sometimes this actually needs to happen to release the emotion…..but after the emotion is released then it’s time to suck it up!)
  • You can play victim and feel resentment towards others for “not saving you”.

But in the end it is 100% your responsibility to create change….or guess what?  No change means no change!

When you can realize that life is happening “for you” then you can tell when you are out of alignment with your path.  It’s kind of like playing bumper cars at the fair.  The Universe is bumping you to #1 have an experience that you will grow from or #2 to take notice that you’re going the wrong way and need to take a look at your thoughts.

When it really sinks in that Spirit, Universal Intelligence and the Law of Attraction are all actually supporting you by giving you a match to what your thoughts are, and I mean REALLY SINKS in, then, and only then, is when you will make a decision (read my YouTube video on the power of making a decision while you’re at it) to not only change so you don’t “suffer”, you will change to create the life of your dreams and you will change so you can support others who are experiencing your “old pain”.

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