As we awaken we can see ego a mile away!

I’m pretty sure we have all had a narcissist in our life at some point or at the very least have witnessed one in action, but most recent experience still has me shocked!!

For those of you that have not experienced it, let me share a few traits that narcissists have.

First of all, at first they are very likable. They may compliment you. They may do things special for you.

That doesn’t sound bad at all, does it?

But you see, they aren’t being friendly or going out of their way for you because they like you. They are doing it to lure you into their lives. A form of control or to be able to make you feel guilty at a later date.

Once you have been lulled to sleep by their initial behavior they may start having strange mood swings. They may start blaming you for how “you have made them feel”. It’s a bit like a victim mentality.

But, as an awakened person you may come to see, as I do, that this ebb and flow of give, give, give and then attack, attack, attack is the narcissists way to receive love, attention, energy. You see, most narcissistic people have a struggle with love. Either they were not loved properly as a child, they struggle with self love or early on they found out that manipulation and control gave them a “high” and eventually that is their only way to feel love.

So what can we do if we have such a person in our lives?

We need to see their behavior for what it is and put boundaries in place so they no longer have the power to manipulate or control you. Sometimes that means ending the relationship. Sometimes that means counseling.

But I ALWAYS recommend sending them healing energy. Imagine filling their heart chakra with pink energy. Do not judge them for who they are because they often don’t even know they are doing it. They are wounded. They need to do a lot of self work and self development in order to pinpoint why and when they lost their connection with love.  One book I always recommend for people who struggle with self love is Spirit Junkie by Gabby Bernstein.

Check out my video below about energy vampires and start your healing process today!

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