Did you know that a psychic reading is a two way street?  There is an energetic transfer between both the person being read and the reader and in order to receive the best reading it is important to create a healthy and strong connection between the two.

When there is doubt there is a wall closing you off to the reader and it makes it much more difficult to get  a good read on you.  That’s why I don’t even attempt to read a skeptic.  It’s already been decided by the skeptic to withhold information.

So how do you create a healthy and strong connection in order to receive the best possible psychic reading?

First, be open to the experience without expectations.  Every reader is different.  Some readers see visions while others feel energy or even hear Spirit speaking to them, so even if you think you know what to expect it may flow differently than previous experiences.

Ask your Spirit guides, Angels and loved ones to show up.  Often the information a reader picks up on is being given to them from your spiritual team members.

Set an intention.  Be clear on what information you are looking to receive and make that statement to the Universe.  Setting an intention gives power to what it is you want, but remember to be open to anything that comes because sometimes your spiritual team has something they want you to know that you weren’t expecting.

Ground down and find your center.  Grounding is about bringing your energy down to earth.  When you ground down before a reading it’s like sweeping any debris out of the way to create that two way street.  When we aren’t grounded our energy field is not stable and can send an unclear message.  You can watch my video on how to ground and find out even more benefits to grounding.

Hold a crystal.  Crystals are great for many things including assisting in being more open during psychic mediumship readings.  Often, during psychic fairs I will put a selenite crystal under the chair where all my clients sit.  Selenite is a great crystal to cleanse energy and it helps the client be open.

These are the main suggestions I have for you to practice before you get any intuitive reading but I’d like to add one more that may seem silly.  Give your reader a hug or a compliment before you start.  This certainly isn’t necessary but I know when I feel love it fires my gifts right up!

I wish you the best readings ever!!


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