Angels, fairies, spirit animals and mermaids, oh my!

I remember how overwhelmed and confused I was the first time I decided to buy an oracle deck.

Note: this post is NOT about Tarot cards.  Make sure the deck says either Oracle Or Angel on it and NOT Tarot.  There’s nothing wrong with Tarot they have some extra workings to them however, and that’s why they are not included in this post.

I didn’t know what was what.

Each deck has it’s own theme, if you will.

For example any Angel Deck is going to have gentle guidance whereas a Spirit Animal deck is more going to tell you the message that animal energy carries or what Natives call Animal Medicine.

Some decks have a short sentence on the actual card giving you an introduction on what the actual message is and some decks have far out images that leave it to your imagination.  Regardless what the artwork is every deck I have ever encountered also comes with a guide book that shares the detailed message.

First you need to ask yourself, why do I want an oracle deck?

Do you have a specific area in your life that you are exploring like finding your life purpose, looking into past life issues, or finding your soul mate (or partner – let me ramble – I have a lot to say about soul mates so I’ll have to do another post about that)?

If that’s the case there are decks that are very specific to those areas.

If you want general guidance and a deck to check in on your life on a regular basis then here is my advice on how to pick it out.

First invite your spirit guides and angels to be with you during the decision making process.

Set an intention:  Say something like, “I intend that I am being led to the exact deck that has the guidance I need at this time”.

Be centered and grounded:  Take a couple deep breaths and feel secure that Mother Earth is supporting you.  This is going to help you “hear” or “feel” Spirit (guides, angels and loved ones) so you make the best decision.

Look at all the decks and hold your hand on your heart.  Notice how you feel when you look at them.  Which one pops out to you?

When I picked my first deck, I’m pretty sure the clerk at the store thought I was moving in because I was there so long.  At the time I had just met my first Spirit Guide Paisley Ana and she had all the swirls on her dress.  All of a sudden I noticed the same exact swirls on the back of one of the decks I was looking at and that’s when I knew it was the deck for me.

After you make your selection, TRUST that you made the right decision and ALLOW the messages it gives you to guide the way!

Before you start using the deck you will want to cleanse it.

You can smack the cards and imagine any energy from the factory or the people who touched it before you to fly off.

Selenite towers are great to sit on top of your deck and they instantly cleanse it.

Full moon energy will clear and charge them.

Reiki, sunlight, and so many more ways.

Happy exploring.  In my next post I will share various ways to use oracle decks and how to interpret them.


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