At every level of your personal growth you will be consistently graduating from limiting beliefs! 💯

Yesterday, I CELEBRATED recent successes in my online spiritual business by going out and buying some new winter shoes (among some other items). –

I walked down the isles of the shoe store and I found a few pair that would look cute AND that had some sort of tread so I don’t fall on my ass in the lovely snow and ice that will soon arrive here in Northern Michigan. ❄️

And then it happened………..

I started comparing the prices of each pair of shoes as if the PRICE would dictate which pair I would buy!

Oh man, did I have a self development moment right there in the shoe store!

I asked myself, “what pair of shoes do you desire Brandaleen”, and I reminded myself that it was important for me to buy the shoes based on desire and not from a lack mindset.   That’s when I stopped myself right in my tracks and I bought the pair that was the cutest!!!

The pair I decided on was $4 dollars more than the others.  I could have denied myself something I deserve for a measly FOUR DOLLARS!!!

This blog post is a reminder for YOU!  You are the creator of your human experience and denying yourself what you truly DESIRE sends a red flag to the forces of the Universe!   Operating from a lack mindset tells the Universe to keep you there by sending more obstacles, in the form of negative cash flow!  Do yourself a favor and buy what you DESIRE, not what is cheap! ALLOW yourself to be open for more abundance by spending freely and joyfully!  Remember, you are a conduit for abundance and you need to keep your channels open for ease and flow!

Leave a comment on the blog and share with us,

#1:  When is the last time you denied yourself?

#2:  When is the last time you ALLOWED yourself to have what you desire?

Drop it like it’s hot… 👇

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