Pineal glands unite!

Soul Tribe!

A couple weeks ago I shared how glad I am that I have created a life that does not require an alarm clock!  It’s true (and if you want this for you we should chat)!  My husband, on the other hand, has taken a position at one of Northern Michigan’s popular wineries and he has to get up just before six (Can you say, “not it”!?)

I made a statement that he needs to put it on the radio alarm instead of the horrid beeping so I am not catapulted from my snugly time in the astral realm and someone referenced using their cell phone and setting it to beautiful nature sounds.  That may sound like the solution but let me share with you why I do not sleep with any cellular devices anywhere near me!

In my online intuition and mediumship development courses I share these very important facts with my developing students!

Our pineal gland is our gateway to consciousness and the seat of our soul and EMFs, Electromagnetic Frequencies, directly impact it.  This gland regulates our sleep patterns, and also produces melatonin which contributes to our well being and actually wards off free radicals (the bad stuff from the EMFs).  When we have our cellular devices in our bedrooms they are emitting radiation and EMFs which the pineal gland recognizes as light and therefore reduces our production of EMFs and has a direct impact on our brains, sleep, happiness and our very connection to Source!

This doesn’t stop with cell phones.  Your Wifi does the same thing.  There have been studies about the stress levels of people with or without WiFi and the data is hands down that WiFi is not good!  There was also a study done in a school environment where they planted moss seeds (or something like that) and placed the seeds near the WiFi and some other seeds in a non-WiFi area.  Guess which seeds never opened?

Obviously, in this day and age we use WiFi and Cell Phones on a daily basis but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn it off at night and leave the phone in the kitchen.  I can still hear it ring or text me in case of emergency.

Unplug my friends!

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