One of my father in-laws died last week and it has brought a lot up for those close to him.

Death comes with many reminders and today I’m going to share one of those with you guys!

A struggle for their belongings:

I get a lot of clients who come to me because their family is or was in a dispute about distributing their passed loved one’s belongings. 

Spirit says, all this is is a struggle for LOVE! 

The idea of having that belonging makes people feel like they are getting a piece of their loved one but the belonging is simply a physical memory.  When emotions are raw people can fight over that physical memory.

If we can take a step back and see it for what it is then we can give compassion to those who may be fighting to be the “rightful” owner of the belongings and see them as struggling to hold onto the love.

The love is always there.

I remember I went to one of my friend’s funerals after she committed suicide.  (It was so sad and shocking)!!  Her daughter was just barely 20 and there she stood at the podium giving a speech about her mother’s belongings.  She said, “I went to your house and I wanted to keep all your things.  Then I thought, I want to keep something dear to you, something that you cherished, something you held.  I was crying in the shower thinking about what I should keep and then I saw them…….my feet!  You held my feet, you birthed my feet, you tickled my feet.  That’s when I knew that I just needed to keep myself!”

Can you say WATER WORKS!!??  I’ll never forget that day!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep something from your loved ones but fighting over it causes everyone, including your deceased loved ones, stress.  So just remember, to keep your feet!!!

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Sending you all love in this hard time. <3

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