It’s time to harvest and reap your rewards from everything you planted and have been growing in your life and business!

Here are some great tips for you to put into practice on this full moon!


Write a list of anything and everything that has been a blessing to you this year!  The more gratitude you give, the more the Universe loves you back!

What no longer serves you!

We talk about this all the time but I have one up for you!  If you are fearful of letting something go because you are afraid you won’t receive the same or better in replacement you are doing yourself a major disservice and are trying to control the mathematical magic of the Universe!  Remember, ask and you shall receive, not ask and figure it all out for yourself! 😉

If you want something new that means something old has to go!

What is it?

A relationship, an old car or house?  Just because it brought you joy, saved you from distress or helped you grow in the past doesn’t mean it always will and you do not have to feel guilty by letting it go!  Letting it go serves everyone involved!

We are shifting big time right now so if you witness unexpected changes such as things getting ripped away then remember to stay present and see it for what it is, movement closer to what you do want!

We are also having new beginnings with this shift so make a list of the new seeds you want to plant.  Set your intentions for the next year of lunar cycles and for this next few weeks before the next new moon!

Other suggestions:

  • Ground down to the earth.
  • Sage yourself and your environment
  • Set out your spiritual tools, crystals, etc. to be charged in the moon
  • Make moon water!
  • Sage and Palo Santo your list of intentions and speak them to the moon!
  • Light a candle and pull yourself a couple oracle cards to see what Spirit wants you to work on

Share your ceremonies in our group, Craving Consciousness Community and connect with the others!

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