After my meditation today I was thinking about Algebra!  I know, what the heck?

When my daughter was in school she really struggled with math (just like I did) and I remember telling her that Algebra is like building blocks.  If you don’t understand one part you will never be able to comprehend the next step.

Then my inner voice said “AHA”!!  Algebra is like Spirituality.

If you aren’t in touch with your spirituality then you can’t get to the next step of creating a Freaking Amazing LIFE!!

But that’s just the beginning because you know how one subject can send your human mind running with a story (there’s a party going on in there)!

This led me to remember the two events in my life that were seemingly NEGATIVE!  At least at the time I was miserable, suffering, whining like a cry baby horrible times.

These were:

Me behind a cubicle thinking there had to be more to life than working until I was 75 so that my old ass could finally live on Social Security.  Seriously, that’s what I was looking forward to?

Me laying in the grass, broke AF, being angry at the world and whoever created it because how could they let me suffer being penniless?  Like I for reals blamed everyone but myself.

Can you relate at all?  What was or is your THIS SUCKS moment that made you want to change?

Luckily, I came full circle and am completely 100% conscious that I am the creator of my life and that Spirit is right there with me!

I came to the realization that Spirit and the Law of Attraction are always there to amplify what we are thinking life is, and all because we have free will!!  So, if you think life sucks then they are like, “ok, you asked for it”!

That’s why my most popular courses were created!

#1 to help others AWAKEN to their spirituality and spiritual gifts so they can get the foundation (algebra my friends, algebra)
#2 to help others ALIGN to their TRUE desires (not just what’s currently running around inside your hamster wheel) using the Universal Intelligence

This is my THIS SUCKS to HELLO SUCCESS, now tell me yours!   What sucked for you that turned into success?  Or what is currently SUCKING that can be turned into your PASSION?

Let me know because I want to support you.  Share with us in our group – name change – Spiritual Awakening and Personal Development, on Facebook!

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