You came forth with the blessing of free will!  That means that everything you see outside of yourself right now is a reflection of your free will.  You have created beliefs, taken action based on them, and voila’, manifestation has materialized in the third dimension, our physical world.

When it comes to your spiritual business, free will applies. Your current business is a reflection of that free will being used to create what your business now looks like, perhaps even unconsciously.

Here’s the neat part, as spiritual beings on our journey we are constantly working on self development and spiritual work to peel away the layers of illusion, and to find our way to peace and return to love. Therefore, at any time we can change what we have created to be something completely different by consciously applying free will.

I always teach my coaching clients that ‘there are many lifetimes and many deaths within your one life.’ By it, I mean that you can become someone completely different and end up being, doing and having what that new version of yourself chooses. Think of it like different, upgraded versions of your awesome self, becoming even more awesome.

Everything is your reflection! And a reflection of your free will.

When it comes to your business you have free will to believe you will have to work hard in exchange for money, or you can believe that money comes when you have fun doing what you love. The same applies if you believe that you are stuck, that one thing needs to change before you can be, do or have your desires. It’s a lot like deciding you want to lose weight.  You may believe that if you don’t get all your water intake that you won’t lose weight, and then guess what happens if you don’t get all your water intake?  You don’t lose weight.  You have free will to change these beliefs to better suit the new you in the quest of your desires.

I used to feel like I had to fix something. That I was not good enough. I thought if I did A, B and C that THEN things would be right and my business would FINALLY be bringing in the consistent income I desired. But after I did A, B, and C it still wasn’t right. I thought, ‘something must be wrong’. But there wasn’t anything wrong. It was exactly what I (and my free will) was allowing it to be. I was allowing it to be just a little broken which was keeping me a lot broke. Because of one little thing, I didn’t believe.

I had to consciously use my free will to believe in myself. I ALWAYS had everything I ever needed inside me, to find my version of success. I had the life changing programs. I had coached many people to achieve their goals, change their lives and grow their brand.  I had done hundreds of psychic readings that helped others get in alignment with their desires. The day I ALLOWED myself to be successful, I was. The day I ALLOWED my business to have the biggest launch of a program, I did!  The day I ALLOWED my life to level up in SO MANY ways, it did!

Does this sound familiar?  Are you allowing or are you using your free will to resist your greatest human experience?  Ask yourself questions to pinpoint where your free will has led you. What do you believe is holding you back?  Does this belief serve you?

A belief is only born when there are at least three events that support a thought. For example:  Maybe you believe that winter is a slow time for your business.  Where did this belief come from?  Maybe it’s because the last three winters you struggled. Does that belief serve you? Absolutely not! You have free will to change it because, after all, beliefs are only thoughts that you have given your power to!  Take back your power.  Create a new story and start finding events that did or can support it! You also have free will to keep your old limiting beliefs.

Other questions to ask yourself:

How long has this belief been holding me back?

How much has this belief cost you?  (money, time, growth, etc.)

How can you change this belief?  This question sends a powerful message to your subconscious mind to find the answer, and it will!

What if you changed that belief by as small as 1%?  Even a 1% shift in a new positive direction will give you traction to keep shifting!

It is always perfect, the Universe.  It will deliver to you whatever you have used your free will to create and you have the choice to change your mind and start to create new beliefs and receive new results.

You have free will to believe that you can’t change or have different results until some external event happens, such as getting a loan, losing weight, finding a romantic partner, or having success in your business.  Remember, if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!

‘If you do what you always do, you get what you always get’ and I like to say, ‘If you want to change your situation without being able to change the situation, then you need to live in your mind until the external world starts shifting!’

How will you use your free will in your business?  What new beliefs will you grow into?

Grab your journal and start writing every belief you have about your business and then go back and ask yourself the questions in this article so you can be, do and have different results! What will you use your free will to create?!

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