“Biblical proportions” said the news woman during a flooding on the west coast.  That’s what was my first awareness of being scared of something that was clearly outside of my control.  I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada at that time and was a new mom.  Those words, “biblical proportions” had me believing that this was it.  Soon the water would come over the mountains and wash the entire city of Las Vegas away and how was I going to save my baby?

That was my trigger and I know many of you have your own but this was much more than being scared, this was the first step in my awakening process and do you know what key word fits in here?  AWARENESS!!  Before this trigger, I was happily navigating my human experience with the masses.  I went to work, had plans to save for the day I didn’t have to work anymore, had an idea of having 2 kiddos (1 boy, 1 girl of course), owning a home, being married and living happily ever after.  I had never once questioned how the world was in motion, who I really was or what my potential could really be.  I was doing what I was “supposed to”, following the rules and avoiding conflict.

There were many more lessons of becoming aware and to this day all of us are still opening up to who we really are but for me, I have since found a place of peace.

Fear can shake you up!!  It’s just like how an addict has to hit rock bottom to make changes, so does fear start our journey to peace.

If you have fears about where our world “seems” to be going or fears about your future well being then welcome to the first step of the awakening!  My daughter, now 22, reached out to me a few days ago and asked me, “why did you even have me because this world is so harsh?  Who could bring a child into this?”  And that is what made me remember 21 years ago when I heard those words, “biblical proportions” and I shared with her this:  “If you are fearful, if your life is filled with chaos, and if you see roadblocks at every turn then this is your opportunity to connect with who you are and connect with Spirit”.

What comes next?

You have free will so you get to choose.  You can remain in a fearful state and do your best moving with the masses or you can start to explore.

For me, my journey didn’t go from fear to faith right away.  My experience led me down the path of a conspiracy theorist if you will.  Something inside me doubted what I saw with my human eyes to be true.  My investigations sent me on a whirlwind where I basically saw fear being fed to me everywhere I looked and in every area of my life.  That led to a culture shock that was really a reality shock.

It wasn’t until I had my spiritual awakening that I saw through all of it and came to a place of peace.  This is just one of many reasons I am passionate about helping others awaken to their gifts today because when you can have a conversation with “someone” who isn’t on earth, which does NOT fit into what we are told should occur, that is when you know to the core of your Soul that what you see outside of you isn’t necessarily true.

It is through working with Spirit that I have been gifted with knowings and awareness of the energies at hand.  Many of us are being called into action as lightworkers.  We are being awakened to our intuitive gifts because that is how we get the “real news” from our Spiritual Team and not from part of the illusion.

I hope this helps you take fear and turn it into faith because you really are here to do something special.  Fear may be your biggest blessing.

To your awakening,



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