When most people think about a psychic or medium they automatically get an image of an old lady in a dark room with a crystal ball.  They also usually think that those people where “born with it” and that it is not something that can come later in life or be developed into.

I thought the same thing until my spiritual awakening in 2011 when I moved across the country to Traverse City, Michigan from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since that awakening, my entire reality has changed.  I can now speak to and see the dead.  Trust me, I didn’t even want that part of the gift (at first) and was more excited to discover that I could “see” behind closed doors, I could “see” inside my Reiki client’s bodies and I could “see” energies on their bodies that represent things such as “medical energy”, “Colorado energy”, and I could “see” the people who are in their life and those that will soon be in their life.

The biggest change I went through in the beginning was seeing through many illusions that society has put into place and knowing I had invisible people, AKA my spirit guides, that’s when I realized life isn’t about paying bills until we die.

Listen in and explore the different ways that you are already experiencing your gifts and then if it intrigues you then you may want to develop into your gifts fully by taking the online development courses!

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