ENTITIES are not spirits of deceased humans or animals but something else altogether. They have been called astral wildlife. Entities really belong in the demonic realm, but many are living on the lower astral planes, which are interlaced with our physical world (a.k.a. Middle World). Entities differ in size from tiny beings the size of a bug to huge forms of several metres long. Entities come in many shapes. Some look similar to beings from our animal kingdom, others look completely alien. You find all kinds of strange creatures among entities. But no matter what they look like, they all have something in common:

Like all beings, entities need to feed! And what they feed on is the energy of living beings such as humans and animals. For this they attach themselves to the energy field or aura of a person or animal and then start drinking their energy! In essence, entities are vampires and parasites, for they feed on others’ life force (prana). Many entities have a very low level of intelligence and to them, a human being is just food. You could compare those with mosquitoes or leeches. They also don’t drink your blood because they are “evil” but because they are hungry and you smell good! But there are other entities which are intelligent and cunning and know exactly what they are doing.


There are many variations on the shapeshifter concept throughout mythology. In fact, it is such a powerful archetype that the term “shapeshifting” can refer to several different variances in mythology, both figurative and literal. The type of being we are talking about here is a specific type of creature found throughout different mythologies but defined by a single united theory.

While many of the ancient gods and goddesses regularly performed physical transformations, they are not considered “shapeshifters” by this definition. The creature known as The Shapeshifter is specifically a human who can willingly take the physical form of one to several animals while maintaining their human consciousness. This precise definition is of great importance, as there are other human-form-to-animal-form transformers in myths and legends that do not match this criteria. In order to easily identify this specific creature, I will refer to it from here on as “The Shapeshifter”.

One major trait of this being is that it transforms at will. It does not automatically change forms in full moons, when immersed in water, etc. They can stay in their human form indefinitely, and many don’t even know they have this ability during early childhood (it usually first appears during the teenage years). Though their transformation is willful, they can “accidentally” cause transformation by losing control of their emotions, particularily in anger.

Some Shapeshifters of this kind can transform into multiple animal forms while others can only transform into a single form. All members of this race begin as single-form shifters. It is not known why some can change into multiple forms and some into only a single form throughout their lives, but it appears to be genetically pre-determined.

Negative Human Entities

Negative spirit entities are human souls who at the time of death did not choose to cross over to the other side. But they are much different then other human souls that are trapped on earth. They, in some way, have chosen to help and aid the dark forces in their work to have power over humans. NSE’s work alongside the dark forces to share in the manipulation and energy stealing from humans.

Lesser Demons

Lesser demons are the lower form of a demon. They are not as advanced in the way they work as the shapeshifters, but they still possess a dark and negative power. Lesser demons are a combination of masses of dark and negative souls that have been compressed together to form a dark energy being. Lesser demons are a weaker and less powerful form of demon but hey are still a threat.

Shape shifting giant demons

Shape shifting giant demons are the most highly advanced type of demons. They are whole non-human dark energy beings with an extremely high intelligence and ego. They are able to move in and around the energy body (aura) and the physical body. They are able to jump in and out of this realm and into theirs. They can be seen as balls of black energy in the energy field by those that have psychic gifts of vision. They are the major threat in the battle over humanity. They were never angels or light beings or came from the light, they were all born out of dark energy and dark consciousness. They are the most elusive and hardest to remove because they are able to shield themselves from the vision and detection of most healers. They are the most common and can be found on most people who have attachments. The only way they can detected is through shamanic journeying or dowsing with a pendulum. Shapeshifters have been on earth since the beginning of time but more recently they have evolved in the ways they function with humans.

In my experience they have only 3 claws.  So if someone has 3 scratches, they may have a problem.

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