Winter in Northern Michigan can be beautiful but it can also cramp your style when the sun doesn’t come out for days at a time.  The UV light from the sun provides us with Source Energy and when we lack sunshine then our energy field can quickly become depleted, leaving us feeling sad, anxious, worrisome and it can even lead to dis-ease in our human bodies, AKA, our Meat Suits!.

Lack of sunshine isn’t the only thing that can cause energy drain.  We can become depleted from being in a toxic environment, around toxic people, electronics, and just from every day life of stress and or anxiety. Additionally, if you are sensitive in nature or are working with your intuition or even mediumship, that is when we can be drained from, well, invisible people, and if you know me then you know I am all about vibrations and frequency that keep us elevated and above any lower level energy.

That’s why today I made a video on how to refill your energy field.  In this video you will learn how to connect to Source energy through your crown chakra, how to connect to Mother Earth’s energy through your root chakra and visualization and how to literally refill your field.

When our field is filled with Source energy we feel a sense of peace, we have less anxiety, and we become more aware of our connection with all that is.  This exercise will generally create a shield that will also protect you from lower level energies, from free radicals, and I like to call it an energetic windshield that deflects any “bugs”.

Watch the video, try the technique and drop a comment here so I know how you liked it.

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