I’m blessed to be the Medium who is able to share with you your life’s purpose!!  When you hear me say it, it ignites your Soul.  It feels beautiful, you start to feel extremely special, and you can instantly resonate with the picture Spirit paints for you. It’s a God send, really. It’s like the Heavens opened up to make a clear path for you.

BUT and this is a BIG but
After our time together your Humanness kicks in. You don’t believe you are destined for this greatness, you don’t believe you can achieve it, and you talk yourself out of taking steps toward it.  It seems our minds are conditioned to be small, to be unworthy, and to suffer.
For me as the Medium that can see and feel your path and your potential clearly, without a doubt, it is so disheartening to see so many hide from their greatness.  I understand that we have free will to create whatever human experience that we want but what I don’t get is why on Earth (literally) would we want to create a life where we are always hoping for better but don’t take action when something great presents itself?
This is definitely a lesson for me to learn to just love on people no matter what they decide for their lives because the Universe is a magical thing and with time and space not being part of the big picture, no matter what we do or don’t do is perfect at that moment.
The Angels and Source, God, the Universe all have unconditional love for us. Whether we follow their guidance or not, we have free will. Even if we never show up for our life purpose will we always be loved unconditionally.  That, and we’ll be back to try it again next incarnation. 😉
Is there a solution to this problem of hiding from our greatness?  I think so.  I was there many years ago.  It takes time to reprogram yourself to believe in your greatness.  It all starts with being aware of your thoughts and what they are telling you.
  • Step 1:  Meditate!  I recommend 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week.
  • Step 2: Journal about what your thoughts say.  They don’t belong to your Soul, but rather a compilation of past beliefs.
  • Step 3:  Lock your ego in the bathroom.  The ego is the driving force behind the thoughts that keep you small.
  • Step 4: Watch how your life starts changing in small chunks.  At first it’s like an ugly break up with a toxic boyfriend.  First you break up, then you go back, then you break up until you FINALLY shout to the world “I AM READY TO BE A LIGHT IN THIS WORLD NO MATTER WHAT”, and that, my friends, is EXACTLY what I did.
  • Step 5:  Having a mentor to help keep you on track sure doesn’t hurt either!

Until my next download,


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