In my intuition and mediumship development courses we learn about the importance of your Pineal gland, also known as our third eye, our gateway to consciousness.

Our pineal gland is like our antenna that connects us to all the information of the Universe and it can become calcified causing us to feel disconnected and confused in our daily lives.

Not only that but your entire brain can become calcified leading to dis-eases such as Alzheimer’s!  My granny passed from Alzheimer’s and when I did some research I was astonished that so many “every day” items that we consume or put! on ourselves are the very cause of some debilitating dis-eases.  Things like artificial sweeteners, processed foods and even your own water can cause adverse affects to your health.

In conjunction with being disconnected we lose our “communication” with source energy which is the very thing that leads us to be aware of the absolute reality (what really is) which helps us start to dis-associate with the relative reality (what seems to be).

Take a few minutes to watch the video I made all about this subject and when you are ready to explore even deeper, ask about being on the waiting list for the next enrollment of the development courses!

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