For 27 years of my life I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada which boasts a population of over 2.25 million people.  My mom moved us there when I was 12 years old to be closer to my, then retired, grandparents.  I followed my mother’s example of being a responsible adult and started a career in commercial real estate.  It was about 2008 when my husband, daughter, mother and grandmother all moved in together to help my grandmother who was struggling with Alzheimer’s. That was when I started to question my life.  It was then that I realized, everything I had created didn’t bring me happiness.  I was going through the motions of societal expectations and nothing more.

I started struggling with the fact that I would have to work until I was 73 before I could retire, collect social security, and finally start living. (If I made it to 73, if social security was still available and if I was healthy enough to enjoy retirement.)  It seemed to suck the hope of a better life right out of me. So I started seeking other answers.

In 2009 I attended a party where a friend of a friend was also attending. I noticed that most of the ladies at the party had encircled her because they were in awe at how much weight she had lost in such a short period of time.  I had always been challenged with my own weight, so I too joined the circle to hear her story.  She shared of a new product that you could order over the internet from out of state that would provide you with these seemingly miraculous results.

You may be thinking I’m about to sell you a magic pill but what happened in that conversation was an aha moment!

What if I could sell a product over the internet, from anywhere in the world, that would provide me with the income I needed so that I could leave corporate America? That’s exactly what I started doing!  At the time, this was the hottest weight loss product on the market.  Even Doctor Oz talked about it on his daytime TV show.  My sales started increasing and I could see the potential of leaving my day job.

I remember sitting in the hot tub with my husband telling him about online businesses and that they were going to be the career opportunities of the future.  I, of course, wanted him to find his niche in the online world and join me in the possibility of creating a new life, a life where we were our own bosses.

My career in commercial real estate did come to an end and the sales from my online business provided my husband and I the means to move across the country to Traverse City, Michigan with the area having a population of under 100,000. A drastic change in both population, climate and community. I had an unexpected spiritual awakening after arriving that shifted my online business from product based to spiritual based services, spiritual coaching, education, and psychic mediumship readings.

Despite the change in directions of my online brand, the formula was the same. In order to get new clients from the internet, I needed what is known as the KLT factor, Know, Like and Trust.


For people to know you they need to see your face six to eight times.  One of my online strategies is to have my same profile picture across all my social media platforms and keep them that way for a minimum of six months.  When people are scrolling they instantly know if it is you, almost like your picture is a logo.  I also share my face on social media at least 4 times per week, whether it is a selfie or with my friends and family, they need to see you to get to know you!


Getting people to like you over the internet means that they need to relate to part of your personal story.  Some of mine is that I left corporate America to create the life I really wanted, I love nature, I had a spiritual awakening, and a silly yet relatable fact that I love nachos!  I take these topics and weave them into my social media and online marketing strategies throughout each week.


Once people know who you are, can relate to your personal story and have been on the sidelines for a while, they build a trust in you.  Sharing past successes or failures with lessons, shows your expertise, which can be further enhanced by using statistics from your field are great ways to further help building trust.

Only after they know, love and trust you, will they likely be ready to open their wallets to buy from you because they want the same result.

It takes people six to eight times to see your face to know you, six to eight times of connecting and relating to your personal story to like (or love) you and six to eight times of seeing you bring results into the lives of others to trust you.

Have you ever signed up for an email list for a freebie and gotten a series of emails that made you get to know the person behind the business, feel connected to them as a person and trust that they will bring you the solution to your problems?   That’s not a mistake.  Many entrepreneurs call that “dripping”.  They are creating a relationship with you and when you are ready you will most likely buy from them.

Do you want to know what throws the six to eight times out the window and creates an almost instant KLT factor?

Connecting with people in your community. When you are in a community, it feels like being part of the club.  People who are in that same club have an immediate trust factor because they know the other club members wouldn’t have let you in unless you were trustworthy.

While I’ve had my online spiritual business for over four years, it wasn’t until I started holding local events did my followers seem to instantly double.  People would sign up for my online intuition and mediumship development class after meeting me one time. Online, I have other interested parties I’ve connected with and tracked when I had “touched or dripped” on them and how “warm” they were getting.

Additionally, people who physically met me at a local event would lead to instant referrals.  For example, I had a local woman come in for a reading and a few hours later her coworker followed suit, versus an online connection would refer me but their friend would instead “follow” me online for some time before making a commitment.

My point is, while having an online business on the internet is the place to be nowadays because, let’s face it, being able to work from anywhere and make an impact on the masses is very freeing and fulfilling, it is just as equally important to still make those human connections and be part of the community!



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