I was SO SCARED to show up!


There’s ALWAYS a reason not to show up for your greatness!
Here’s a few 🛑 problems that I struggled with and the ✅ solutions I found along the way.
🛑Who am I to be great?  I mean, no one is gonna believe I have something to offer them. Especially when people like Gabby Bernstein or Doreen Virtue have most of the bases covered.
✅ I have a unique flavor and a unique message to share that no one else on this planet has. This flavor will attract those who need it!
🛑I’m not good enough, YET, I must need more schooling or training.
✅ This is called the measurement trap that our egos come up with to keep us at arms length from starting anything. Start from where you are at and the people who are one step behind will find you!  Plus you learn from where you are at!
🛑If I do decide to show up I’m definitely not worth the same amount as the people who are already doing it.
✅ Stop comparing yourself. Don’t come out of the gate with weak pricing. It’s not only a reflection of your lack mentality, it’s a slap in the face to the people who need you.
🛑Maybe I better not show up until I lose 50 pounds because fat people aren’t successful or taken seriously.

✅ Another ego trap. Whether it’s body weight, facial appearance or any other physical limitation, when you show up as your authentic self it’s a banner of truth that attracts people to you. There’s too much perfection in this world and people want to connect to REAL people.

Do you have an excuse that’s not on this list?  Send it over and I’ll share a solution with you!

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