Throughout my spiritual and personal development I have studied Feng Shui, Energy, The Law Of Attraction, Meditation and Prayer among many other topics.  One subject that keeps coming up for me is the importance of keeping our environments in a manner that will attract more of what we want in our life and that means, well, keeping it clean.  And as you can see from the image to this post, it looks like I need to revisit this lesson!

How can having a messy environment affect your finances, your clarity, and even the spirits that come into your home?

Cleanliness and Clarity

“How you do one thing in life is how you do everything in life” is a quote by Osho that I’ve really let sink in.  If I have clutter outside of myself then I must have clutter inside my mind.  If I avoid putting things away then what am I avoiding in my mind?

Cleanliness and the Law of attraction

What you see outside of yourself on a regular basis is a reflection of what you are going to be attracting more of.  Where your attention goes, the energy flows and who wants more dirty dishes, unfolded laundry and things in disrepair?  In one of my development courses I have the students purposely put images of things they want on their desks, create intentional algorithms by adding things they want to their “wish lists” on various websites, and even journal imaginary stories about their future all for the purpose of directing their attention to what they DO want!


Based on the premise that everything is energy, when we have stacks of magazines in the corner or anything that blocks the flow of energy then it creates a stagnant area for energy to collect to.  Energy naturally wants to move but when it gets stuck the vibration lowers and when any vibration lowers it starts attracting more of the same.  The longer it stays stagnant the more lower level energy will cling to it eventually creating a heavy feeling in the area and when you understand Feng Shui it blocks of the flow of energy to the area of life that is represented where the block in your home is.

What area of your life do you feel the need to clean up?  Is it the thoughts in your mind, the stacks of clothes in your bedroom or the disrepair in your home?  Even dirty windows are known to block opportunities.  I challenge you to clean up your life!!

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