Close your eyes and imagine your business thriving.  Maybe you will see contracts being signed, maybe you see thousands of people in an audience listening intently as you give a talk, maybe you see yourself on vacation because that’s what you want to do when your business thrives.

As a spiritual life and business coach and psychic medium Clairvoyance is my jam!  It’s my strongest intuitive muscle and just a moment ago, as I led you through a visual exercise, you were “seeing” with your eyes closed!!

When we talk about the law of attraction and we combine our spiritual gifts and you do these types of exercises for your business you are actually creating something in the fifth dimension.  The more you can fine tune the images or running movie clips into something you want to experience in your life or business the more concrete it starts to become.  It already exists when you can “see” it and it’s simply a matter of time, or awareness, before it manifests into your human experience and this third dimension.

Here’s an example:

There was a study done on a basketball team to see what would help them excel at three throws.  They split the team into 3 groups.  Group 1 was to do practice throws five days a week for a month.  Group 2 was to do nothing and asked to not play basketball at all for a month.  Group 3 however, was asked to spend time five days a week, visualizing themselves making the basket.  After one month was over group 1, the group who practiced shooting hoops increased their skills by 24%.  Group 2 who did nothing did not increase their skills and actually declined by 5%.  Group 3 who did nothing but visualize themselves making baskets increased their skills by 23%!  Your mind is an amazing mechanism and when you practice visualization your mind moves just like it would if you were doing the actual movements with your body.  The more they visualized the more the mind communicated with their bodies and muscles to move in a way to be successful and making three throws.

You can add to this exercise by paying attention to the images or video clips in your mind and then add a little sparkle.  Seriously!  Do it with me right now.  Get the image in your mind of something you are working towards or a deep desire you have.  Now I want you to adjust the lighting.  Maybe put a “filter” on it like you can do with your smartphones in an application.  You can make it brighter, change the hue to be more pleasing, or even accent certain items in the view.  You are telling your mind what you want to look like in detail!  This is a little tidbit from something I’m studying called NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming, which in laymen’s terms means how to communicate with your mind and reprogram it.  Most of us have been unconsciously creating our lives (and businesses) through previous programming and limiting beliefs.

Now that you know how you can use your clairvoyance to create a better business let’s talk about how you receive information via your clairvoyance.

Simple ways to know if you are experiencing clairvoyance or if your clairvoyance is your prominent intuitive muscle are:

  • You daydream a lot
  • You imagine things about people and wonder if it is true?
  • You experience Deja vu
  • You have in vivid or in detail dreams often
  • You see things out of the corner of your eye

These are a few examples to “keep an eye” on that point directly to your clairvoyance.

Just like you can intentionally use your clairvoyant abilities to visualize success, you too are receiving information from your spiritual team via that muscle to help lead you and/or keep you in alignment with your path.

While this is happening at every moment of the day you can get lost in the bustle of being human and not “see” the signs so to say.  This is why I tell my coaching clients to do the following exercises to receive information.

First you will want to get grounded.  Meaning, come into your center, be present and imagine roots coming out of your feet and out of your root chakra and going deep into Mother Earth.  Then you will ask her, because that’s the polite way to do it, if you can have some of her energy.  She always says yes. 😉  Next, pull that energy up your roots, into your heart, and then I like to imagine it going out of my crown chakra and flow back down to the Earth again.  It’s kind of like pulling up new energy and recycling any energy that needs cleared by the Momma Earth!

Next, get clear on what it is that you want to know more about.  Maybe you want to know the next program to launch, or what you need to work on with yourself to break through an old belief that no longer is serving you.

Now it’s time to go within.  Ask your spiritual team to be there with you.  Set an intention that you will receive clean and clear information via your clairvoyance for your specific subject you chose.  The goal here is not to think but to get into a meditative state.  I feel like it takes a good 10 minutes to kind of get to that “sweet spot” where your human mind slows down, your breath becomes more rhythmic and your mind can shift into a theta (4-7 to 5 Hz, light meditation & sleeping wave) or delta (0.5 to 4 Hz the deep sleep wave) phases.

If you’re not a meditator that’s ok.  Just try this exercise and focus on your breath.  If you start thinking or you feel like it’s not working, that’s ok.  Just go back to the breath and don’t judge your experience.  I promise with a little practice you will learn to love this and get great results.

At some point in this exercise you may get a wave of energy that almost feels like something was inserted in you.  I call this a “download”.  This information can bubble up in a flash of an image.  You may see an image of yourself doing yoga or maybe you see your friend’s face in your mind who is asking you to join her at yoga.  Maybe you see yourself creating a sales page or a webinar for your program.

These are hints from your spiritual team as to the direction or answer you were seeking beforehand.  Trust that this is the information you needed!  Even if it doesn’t seem logical at the moment, write down what you saw because you may be surprised when it presents itself in your real life happenings.  The more you do this as part of your life and business goals the more synchronicity you will notice and the more you will trust what you see!

To recap you can use clairvoyance as a way to create desired results in your life and business and you can use clairvoyance as a way to receive information from your spiritual team for guidance in your life and even for others!  Enjoy your inner movies!


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