Everything we see outside of ourselves is a direct reflection of the frequency we are emitting.

When we want more of something in our lives we need to become an energetic match to the frequency of that which we desire.

Say what?

When we come to look at ourselves as energy in motion it makes it easier to understand but then still how do we vibrate at the frequency of that which we desire when we don’t have it?  Often not having something is the focus of our attention and what we focus on we end up attracting more of.

So how do we focus on feeling like we have something that we don’t?  When we learn about the law of attraction and practice it on a daily, or heck, even a moment to moment basis, then we can start to witness energy moving on our behalf.  The thing is though, our minds run mostly on autopilot and left unattended will bring to us things we do not want into our life.

Meditation is key in establishing a relationship with your own thoughts, feelings, belief systems and even misguided expectations.  You can really get to know yourself IN there and start to catch the thoughts that do not serve you and turn them into positive affirmations instead.

Intentionally putting power into what we do want as a daily practice will keep the energy moving in the right direction.  We can do this through affirmations, writing down our goals, and even imagining our lives as if they are exactly the way we want will fuel the fire of desires!

Gratitude for what we desire is a vibration of appreciation and a powerful magnet!  Writing down a list of what you are grateful for daily is a great tool!

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Posted by Brandaleen Johnson on Thursday, June 8, 2017

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