Today’s episode is all about Universal Intelligence, as known as, the Law of Attraction.  Listen in to Law of Attraction Coach, Sophie Leigh Robbins as we cover all the bases to help you understand and embrace this law.

Learn tips, tricks and thought processes in this episode that will help you get into alignment with your dream life and business.  You aren’t here to follow the masses or get lulled to sleep by society, you are here to consciously create your human experience!

Sophie started her career as a copywriter and quit her job at age 24 (10 years ago) to start her own business and never looked back. She worked for television and magazines and later transitioned into coaching. Teaching others about the Law of Attraction (and the other Universal Laws) is her passion and her area of expertise. She helps women create a life filled with passion, joy, abundance and excitement and hands them the tools they need to reprogram the subconscious beliefs that are holding them back from living the life they want and earning the money they long for.

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