I get asked so many questions about the spiritual awakening and psychic development that I dedicated this podcast episode to give you some of the answers.

Once people realize that I am not only a spiritual life and business coach, psychic medium, and author but I am in fact also an educator with courses on this up and coming subject they reach out with wild stories about the voices in their heads, their kid’s night terrors, and the like.

This has become second nature to me and I had to chuckle (who says chuckle these days) when the questions started pouring in from one of my social media posts because you tend to start thinking that what you know must be common knowledge.  In fact, you have learned all your knowledge and people are waiting for you to teach them!

I like to look back at when I first started teaching people to meet their spirit guides and to develop their intuition and mediumship because I hardly knew what I was talking about back then.  The irony of it all is my knowledge has come from teaching because I get to keep learning from each new experience that people share with me.

In this episode I answer questions like, “how did you first know you had a gift, how long did it take you to develop and strengthen, did you have a dark night of the soul, how do I hear the spirit world, how can I manage my time when I want to develop my clairs” and so many more!

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