When I met Jessi Ptak and saw her Facebook profile said, “Rebel Girl” I knew we had to connect and I knew I wanted to share her message to the world on the Craving Consciousness Podcast!!!

She has had a challenging human experience, as most of us have, and she found her voice inside her brand called Rebel Girl Content.  Ironically enough she went from holding her voice back to writing content!  Listen in to her story, including her challenges with her daughter being born with half a heart and how she found her purpose in those challenges.

Some of my favorite take aways are when she shares her message that you don’t need trauma to decide to find peace and you don’t need to “save your joy” for later, do it now!

Listen in, share with your friends and leave us a 5 star review!!

hey, beautiful. i’m jessie.

For a long time, I spent my life hiding. Hiding who I was, what I loved, what I believed in.
I don’t even think I knew what I believed in because I really didn’t know myself. I was too busy trying to sound like everyone, be like everyone, feel like everyone.
But that was my big mistake: I’m not everyone.

(And neither are you)

In 2014, everything changed when my daughter was born with half her heart. I started to ask myself the hard questions:
Who am I? What do I believe in? What do I want? Am I really living?

I made a promise to myself that my days of staying silent, hidden, and a part of the crowd were over.

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