Barbara Kneeland and I met each other about 4 years ago when she took my intuition and mediumship development courses and have been great friends ever since.  Do you know how when you hear someone laughing so authentically you find yourself laughing too?  This episode of the podcast is filled with laughter and is 100% a great conversation to listen in on.

From being “sensitive” to becoming an amazing psychic, Barbara is the real deal.  She shares her passion for teaching children meditation, how she lives her life as a psychic and you will love how she shares her faith in God in conjunction with being “woowoo” which is a struggle for most.

We started this interview as a testimony to my development courses and ended up in such an amazing conversation about energy, spirit, Burger King, wine, seeing “signs”, evolution and so much more that we both agreed to load this up on the podcast for even more people to listen in.  Our conversation is so candid that we don’t fit the “description” that the average person would have for anyone who is gifted.

Please enjoy and leave us a comment or a review and share with your friends.

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