Jen is an amazing Empath Coach who has dedicated her life to helping other Empaths find their way and thrive in their own power. Join us in listening and share your thoughts in my Facebook group, Your Spiritual Awakening Community!

Here is a little bit from Jen about who she is and what she loves doing.

I am a Psychic Medium and Empath Empowerment Coach. In addition to doing psychic readings, I love coaching and teaching Empath women to awaken, develop, and expand their own psychic gifts. My superpower is helping intuitive women go from being stuck, drained and frustrated to soul connected, confident and clear AF so they can create a life they are in love with. I am also obsessed with the online business freedom lifestyle, and showing other Lightworker bossbabes how to do the same!

After spinning my wheels for years taking random courses, joining too many groups and looking for the magic formula, I learned that getting a coach, keeping it simple, knowing who you are and what you want is the real secret sauce. Since then I’ve had a blast building multiple businesses online, including a psychic reading and coaching business and a large network marketing team.

Besides being a badass lightworker, I love living by the ocean with my husband and four children.

Here’s how you can contact Jen! and

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