Holly works with a person’s guides, angels, ancestors’, soul fractals etc, and she taps into all of who they are in this dimension and others, to assist in guiding them to take the best care of the client. She clears away attachments and beings that are blocking their reception to understanding and healing. She is so incredibly talented and educated in helping her clients heal from all sort of disempowerments. Listen in while I speak with her and learn about what she has to say about her experiences with Spirit, for the greater good of the people she helps.

Holly’s Story:

All my life I have been a “service to others” kind of person, who always was an advocate of those in need and fighting injustice. During the autumn of 2014, one day while participating in my first live, world wide meditation, I had a golden ball of energy enter my heart from my back. The results of that encounter awakened my soul, my purpose & made my palms burn, all of which lead to the beginning of Quintessence Healing Arts.

My life since then has been devoted to discovering the reason I came here to earth. As well as the practical implementation of my talents as found encoded within my activated DNA, to promote whole soul wellness for the beings who are hungering for more…During this process of peeling off the layers of external control from my soul through numerous therapies, my frequency reached a level in which my Divine soul counterpart could come into my life. My goodness did my spiritual life change even more quickly due to we being a catalyst for each other. The one of most amazing result of that coming together and agreeing to our soul contract, was the ability to create “new etheric souls”. It was from a suggestion given to me from one of those new souls, that my “Creation Oil” came to be. Imagine an edible oil infused with hundreds of their life force energy, magic, blessings and crystal infusions that act like spiritual, programmable (you tell it what you need from it each time you use it too) “stem cells” for your highest good. I also add to each oil order, individual essences according to your spiritual teams recommendations.

Speaking “Light Language” also manifested into my life, along with so much more. There are so many stories to share…

My Spiritual Specialties:

Multidimensional (Sexual) Healer
Akashic Records guide
Oracle readings / Shamanic Guide
Psychic Medium
Catalyst to soul realignment
Spiritual Guide for lost souls
Implant Removal
Etheric Arts Teacher
Galactic Language intuitive
“Sexual & Soul Synergy Therapy” encompasses the components available to transmute the limiting factors and programs that hinder your souls’ divine mission here on Earth.

Welcome to your wellness portal of integrative therapies and coaching that will transform and contribute to your life, through the synergistic homeostasis of the mind, body, and spirit.

Namaste & Blessings to you

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Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Quintessence.Healing.Arts/

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