A little over a year ago I had a quantum healing hypnosis therapy session that blew my mind. Basically, in the session, I was hypnotized and taken to three different life times that I had, but I didn’t experience what you would think.

All three of the past lives that I regressed to were from other places and times that are not part of our current reality.. But the third and final lifetime was the most extraordinary that I had to share with you on the podcast.

This final lifetime was the one that I actually met my Dragon. However, it wasn’t just any old Dragon this dragon was actually really fat LOL, and for some reason, while under hypnosis, I was very fascinated with its obesity.

The most surprising part was, after the session was over and I came out of this world, the validation that I got provided to me that this experience with this Dragon was actually real. You know when we have spiritual experiences, our first question is “am I crazy or am I making this up??” and in this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast I share with you the mind boggling validation that I received.

Listen in and let me know what you think about my fat Dragon in the comments.

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