More and more people are discovering they are what is called, an Empath.  Empaths are also known to be highly sensitive people.  There are different types of empaths, different levels of empathy and they even have a special purpose here on Earth.

Through my work as a spiritual life and biz coach, psychic medium, author and educator I have come to know empaths to be incarnated Angels who decided to come to earth as a human.  What a tough gig that is.  First you’re as close to our Source creator as you probably could be and then, BAM, you are here in the third dimension.  It’s like polar opposites and having a human experience as an empath can be extremely difficult.

Empaths can generally feel energy, specifically emotions, to the extreme and often take these emotions on as if it was their own.  This causes fatigue amongst many other symptoms.

In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast Brandaleen shares the symptoms that point to extreme empathy.  Extreme empathy is when someone is so overwhelmed by the energy and emotions that they tend to look and act a certain way to unconsciously cover up their pain.

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