Tisha is an Angelic Life Coach, Angel Intuitive and healer and she joined me on the podcast to share about your life’s purpose.  Everyone has something special inside of them that they have to offer to this world and your angels are first in line to share with you, a glimpse, of what it can look like.

Tisha loves to connect with you and help you pinpoint your life purpose and she can feel your energy shift when you hear her share what the Angels show her.  She shares on the podcast how, once you hear what the Angels say that you can feel it to the core of your soul.  You can feel it this deeply because it’s not necessarily anything new to you.  It is usually validation to something that you have been daring to dream about or it is something that feels so right to you that you sit up tall at the edge of your seat with your eyes wide open and feeling excited for more.

One of the things Tisha shares that is really important to take note of is she says this is a gift to you.  It is YOURS.  It does not belong to her.  She gives you the information and it is your job to do something with it.  Tisha and I discussed how as highly sensitive intuitives we can feel the love and hope and inspiration that your Angels are projecting and it makes our vibrations shoot through the roof.   Can you imagine feeling the emotions of an Angel?  It’s pretty wild!  But one thing that Tisha and I both agreed on was how we as humans feel deflated when our clients leave this session that is filled with direction, unconditional love and guidance, that they do not follow through or shortly after the session when they “come back down” from their Angelic high they start questioning the validity or the possibility that something this fantastic can be in their lives.

You will hear the repeating message that the Angels show you the possibilities because they are possible.  However, the Angels don’t do it for you.  You have FREE WILL to create your life and it is your job to “do the work”!

You can connect with Tisha on her Facebook biz page, Angel Card Reader Tisha’s Echo

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