Being an entrepreneur is challenging enough but when you are a spiritual entrepreneur you may experience even more challenges.  Why?  Because when you’re here to create change your heart is at the forefront of your mission and it can be hard to balance serving humanity and also being open to receive.

So many spiritual entrepreneurs struggle with people pleasing, standing out in the crowd, showing up as a leader, asking for money, etc.  It’s because you are highly sensitive.  You have been taught that keeping quiet and being unseen is what suits you best because you’d rather not feel any discord that comes along with standing up and speaking out loud for your cause.  Why?  Because you can feel the energy of others.  You can feel if someone doesn’t agree with your cause and you don’t want to feel their disappointment.

That’s why there is a multitude of lightworkers, empaths, HSPs, and starseeds who are paralyzed.  They know they want change.  This world seems so harsh.  But at the same time it means they have to be the voice of change, and guess what, ALL CHANGE IS UNCOMFORTABLE.

If you’re going to be an entrepreneur you must get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and if you are a spiritual entrepreneur who is here to create change, you’re going to have to get used to feeling the energy of others yet still stand up and lead the way!

In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast, I go into each ego trap of the spiritual entrepreneur so that you can recognize when they show up in your life and business, because they will!  You will learn what to do about it, including locking your ego in the proverbial bathroom!

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