I was scrolling through Instagram and BAM there was a picture and I knew in my heart that it was a gateway to the Faery Realm.  I slowed my scroll and the verbiage under the photo was about a lovely young lady who had just recently lost her cat, as in her cat crossed the rainbow bridge into the spirit realm.

She said that she was sad and decided to go into the woods surrounding her home to just sit and get away from her grief.  She felt some strange energy and started taking pictures and they had all these colorful energies that showed up.

I reached out and after we got to talking she shared so many other “clues” that she was adored by the fairies – and she was clueless about them.  The next day I saw her Instagram and she had several more photos of portals and gateways into this mysterious realm.  She had become fascinated by what I, and a couple other Instagramers had mentioned the previous day so she went exploring in the woods.

Needless to say I had to get her on the podcast to share her story with you all.  This beauty is opening up to so much magic and wonder and you need to listen in and share in her mystical journey.

You can find Candice on Instagram here!

These are some of her actual photographs.


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