Lynnette Kraley is a psychic medium, and oracle reader who shares her story about her spiritual awakening and what amazing experiences she has had since she developed her intuitive muscles.

We talk about how Spirit connected us in order to work together and how much Lynnette’s life has changed through her awakening process.

One of the amazing take aways in this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast was when we spoke about non verbal children and how they still have a voice and they have a lot to say!

As we evolve we are becoming increasingly sensitive.  Some are so sensitive they don’t communicate with us verbally anymore such as non verbal kids.  They are using their ESP as a form of communication and emitting what they want to say in an energetic fashion.  The exciting part is many people are awakening to their ability to do the same by using their psychic and mediumship abilities, and when we can start to communicate via a higher consciousness it opens the doors to so many more possibilities!

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