Two ladies geeking out over quantum physics, past life times from other planets, sacred geometry and so much more is what this podcast episode is all about.  You won’t want it to end because it will have your human mind reeling for more!

Laura Masters is a Spiritual Coach and Designer, Reiki Master, Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique Practitioner, and Clairaudient Medium.  She channels light beings and loves to bring sacred geometry and higher vibrations into her interior design work.

In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast we talk about her experiences of taking some of her client’s back to past life times that were not on earth and helping them connect to their Super Consciousness to heal any dis-ease they have in this lifetime.  Laura shares with us how she found herself to be involved with the Galactic Counsel, a group working on helping earth evolve to a higher consciousness and how you can help us by turning on your “light” in the energetic grid around the planet.

We go deep.  We get geeky.  You will love it.

Laura also shares with us about sacred geometry and how it is healing in a quantum way and the very design of our DNA.

You can connect with Laura on her website or on Facebook!

Laura is a recent graduate of the AWAKEN program where she developed and enhanced her mediumship abilities.  Find out more about the AWAKEN program here or contact Brandaleen for a discovery call to get in alignment with your soul’s mission.

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