Marla Martenson is known as the Mystical Matchmaker and she uses her intuition to connect people to their soul mates.  Her passion is playing Cupid! What better feeling is there than to find someone their soul mate? Marla’s clientele are busy, successful men who have no trouble meeting women, but they know that to meet exceptional and unique women takes a little extra work.

Marla has some great resources on her site including a course called “from single to soul mate” and several books that she has authored.

On this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast you get the inside scoop on how Marla stepped into her role as the Mystical Matchmaker, some great self love tips, what spiritual tools she recommends to be open for your soul mates, and she shares some of the funny happenings she’s witnessed as a Matchmaker to the eccentric!!

You can find out more and connect with Marla on her website! 


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