Could you imagine packing everything up and living on the road while you work from your laptop?  It’s something a lot of people dream of doing, being a digital nomad, but Jessica Nason of Dare to be HER and her husband are actually doing it.

Jessica says, “it all started when we got rid of Direct TV”…..

In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast Jessica takes us on her journey of breaking free from living like everyone else to how she and her husband are true digital nomads who move around the country and sometimes live in a small van.  We talk about how she downsized her belongings and then discovered what was important to her without following any guidelines.

Jessica is truly daring to be HER and she helps other women discover who they really are and what they really want through one-on-one coaching and group masterminds.

You can connect with her on her Instagram, she says, “don’t just follow me, drop me a message so we can connect” or you can find out more about her services on her site

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