You think of your friend and then the phone rings and it’s her.  You have just picked up the energy that she put “out there” as she was thinking about you and dialing the phone.  This is just one example of how we start to collect energy that is not ours and in many cases it can start to drain our energy fields.

You don’t normally think of it this way but imagine all the people you come into contact with on a regular day.  You see your family, go to work, stop by the store and even pick up energy from people in the parking lot next to you.

On this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast, Brandaleen explains in detail how we get connected with energetic cords and energy attachments.  She shares how these cords and attachments can be either good or detrimental to our overall energy and health.  You will learn some simple techniques on how to remove these cords (called cutting cords ) and energies and when to do so in order to have a higher vibration.

These are some of the techniques Brandaleen teaches in her AWAKEN program that helps you develop your spiritual abilities and have a complete spiritual awakening experience.

To find out more about her program go to and if you need support in your life or business and want to know more about working with her in a 1:1 scenario sign up for a free discovery call today!

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