If you have ever been hypnotized or thought about it and how it works you will enjoy this podcast episode with certified hypnotherapist Lisa Millicent Williams.

Lisa loves to educate people on hypnosis, what it is and isn’t and why it is an effective tool to use.  She shares with us the power of our subconscious mind and how it is like a small child that needs coaxing in order to change.  Without accessing it our minds tend to do tasks without even thinking and that is why many people get stuck in the same old patters or can’t get past a certain point; for example, losing that last five pounds or finally having a healthy and long term relationship.

In this episode we talk about the subconscious mind and how it plays a MAJOR role in creating your life, the law of attraction, quantum physics and so much more.  If you’re ready to level up your life and learn about tools that will help you get there then listen in, share and leave us a five star review!

You can contact Lisa on her website for more information or to schedule a session!

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