Ron Schaefer is an absolute pleasure to know and follow.  He and I have done a few things together I the past and today he is our guest on the Podcast talking all things A Course in Miracles and helping the listeners peel away layers of illusions so they can find what’s left and that is LOVE!

Ron is a Miracle Mindset Coach and spiritual intuitive I have been on the spiritual path and when he found the course in miracles he has been able to combine his spiritual gifts and the spiritual principles of the course in miracles to assist people in living a life of ease and grace. How you might ask? The course in Miracles states

“Miracles are natural if they are not happening then something has gone wrong” ACIM chapter 1 section 3. What is the only thing that can go wrong that is your thinking, Our thoughts make the reality that we see. As a Miracle Mindset Coach, I help you to tap into your own Miracle mindset that can help you in any situation you are in. The course in miracles tells us the moment a problem arises God already has a solution we just have to be willing to see the situation differently.

You can connect with Ron on his website to find out more about his readings and coaching programs!

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