Why is your life not exactly where you want it to be?  What do you think is holding you back?  Do you feel like you have to do something before you can achieve your desires?  Do you feel like there is just one thing missing and when you embrace that then everything will change?

In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast I reveal what is really “blocking” you and how to remove these blocks once and for all!

Oftentimes I hear intuitives say “I’m not receiving information from Spirit anymore.  I must have a block.”  They will refer to their chakra system or their energy field and say that something is too closed, too open, too low of a vibration, etc.

Here’s the dealio!

You have everything you need inside of you RIGHT NOW to receive your desires.

Whether it is feeling blocked from information from your spiritual team or from being a successful online spiritual entrepreneur, you are NOT blocked!

Blocks are simply illusions.

Just like there are days that you feel amazing and other days you want to curl up and watch movies your performance goes up and down too, but it doesn’t mean you have a block and Spirit is ALWAYS going to be there with you!!

Come listen in and let me help you recognize these “blocks”, create new beliefs, take a look at your identity and enjoy the guided visualization and healing portion at the end.  You can do this exercise with any blocks you feel you have and watch them be transmuted into your desires!


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