Samantha Conway, The Quiet Confidence Coach joined me on the podcast this week.  She shares how she embraced her introvert-ness and empath side while working in Corporate America, a place that generally is a more masculine and competitive industry.  From struggling with depression to sharing her methods of self love and how she became The Quiet Confidence Coach, Samantha is truly an Earth Angel.

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About Samantha:

I thought that if I had a second chance, others should have that privilege too. I wanted to share all of the amazing things I learned and help others thrive too. I became a certified Wellness Coach, but quickly realized I needed more. Over the next couple years I took my Reiki level one, received attunements in energy healing, became a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and took my Meditation Teacher training.

Out of this, the Hidden Moments Lifestyle (HML) was born. I created HML to support and foster a sense of self love and inner knowing in women everywhere, regardless of what life may have looked like before.

HML offers a variety of approaches to achieve and maintain your confidence and self love, getting to the root of your barriers and self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back and revealing your best and brightest life – no compromises, just bliss. These techniques include meditation and visualization sessions, law of attraction coaching and energy healing.

HML offers unique self-love and confidence coaching, focusing on you holistically, with a particular emphasis on deep self compassion and freedom. I am so passionate about helping others on their own self-love journeys to live free, authentic lives, from a place of love and intention.

I love empowering people through a heart-centered approach to overcome their self-doubt and embrace themselves fully to live their full potential and life of their dreams.

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