What level of awakening support do you feel you need?

What level of awakening support do you feel you need?

I need all the support I can get!

With this option, you will get access to Brandaleen’s spiritual development course library plus full-on 1:1 support with Brandaleen as your awakening coach!

This package will answer all your questions and lead the way to your full psychic and mediumship development so you can start living your magical, Spirit-led life!

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I want to explore and fully develop my spiritual abilities with some support

Awaken 👁️

I’m just curious and I have no idea where to start on this journey!

Maybe you’re seeing repeating numbers like 11:11 or perhaps you’re having other symptoms of your spiritual awakening but don’t understand them or why this is happening.

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Deann Jensen

Whoever takes the opportunity to work with Brandaleen you are LUCKY!

She has facilitated so many breakthroughs! She helped me get out of my head and when it comes to strategy and spirit she really helped me blend the two together and it has made a huge difference in selling out my offers! .