I always get great inspiration in the shower. I’m not sure if it’s from the Shower Goddess or perhaps being present allows the good stuff to flow in. Today’s shower message:  We can all visualize the life we really want. We can smell the oceanfront that we want to live one. We can see ourselves being a leader. And then somehow our big girl panties fall off and we start coming up with reasons this great life just won’t work for us. 

Often it’s when we see someone who is living on that oceanfront and we compare ourselves. We think “that girl has it all, I can’t look that great” or how about seeing a leader speak about your exact idea and you start comparing again and telling yourself, “she is already doing what I want and she’s way better at it so I’ll just stay here so I don’t embarrass myself “!

Today in the shower, Spirit told me that we are presented with these reflections of how other people are having or doing what we want is because it is an EXAMPLE of where we WILL BE if we just put back on our big girl panties and believe in ourselves long enough to make one TINY step towards it. 

If that lady can live on the beach, so can we!  If that lady can be a leader and inspire others then so can we!  Because guess what?  We are ONE!  We ARE the lady on the beach. We ARE the leader who inspires others by delivering our special message. Those ladies are just reflections Spirit sent to us because it is an energetic match to our current desires!

I hope this message from the Shower Goddess has given you inspiration to grab those big girl panties and start on your beautiful journey towards your desires!  Let’s do this!

And if you need help getting started, this girl here can hook you up!

By the way, I did a short Facebook Live with this same topic.  Enjoy!  I think I may say the B word but it’s all in fun. 😉

Our ideal life. We all know what it looks like but……#createyourlife

Posted by Brandaleen Johnson on Thursday, February 16, 2017

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