Anyone reading this blog post will probably agree that we want to help others to create a better life.

Some of the problems we see outside of us are

  • People suffering in poverty
  • A friend who is depressed
  • A family member suffering from a dis-ease
  • A person not showing up for their life
  • Animals being mistreated
  • Not agreeing with things that go on in our world from war, government, what is in our food, water, clothing, self care products.

The list goes on.

The best way to help bring the solution to these problems is to work on ourselves to be the change we wish to see.  This is where many sensitive people (also known as Empaths) get “stuck” because they don’t want to leave their sick friend behind by showing how healthy they are, they don’t want to leave their friend in poverty and create a better life than them and they don’t want to ignore the many facts that the world isn’t as optimal as they hoped.

There is a fantastic quote from Abraham Hicks that says “you can’t be poor enough to help the poor or sick enough to help the sick……”

If there is nothing you can do about it then no amount of concern or worrying is going to resolve the problems either.  When we allow ourselves to become so concerned about what is going on outside of ourselves (especially when you have a close connection with the person/place or situation) then what happens is we open up our energy field to start taking on the energetic burden.  We essentially become attached to the problem itself and it starts to consume us. (look at the play on words here folks, CONSUME US!)  When we do that we can pick up an illness or the symptoms of the illness that our friend has, we can become depressed because we are so sad about our depressed friend and we can start making poor choices with our money because we don’t want to leave our poor friend behind.

Here is one other EXTREME scenario that I recently witnessed and part of the reason for this post.  Someone very close to me does paranormal work, helping others remove unwanted energies from their home environments.  This person is also extremely sensitive about other’s well being and happiness.  What happened was this person allowed all of this build up to the point that this person opened themselves up to take on the burden of everything she was worried about.  The thought came to her “if I could take away all the pain of the world so that others could live a better life I would”….BAM, what a strong statement to make to the Universe, right?  This person has now experienced exactly what they asked for and has been struggling for weeks.  This story goes a lot deeper in to the spiritual side of things, like having all the negative energies and unwanted creepy things from the homes she was cleansing are NOW her burden.

I know for a FACT no one wants that!

The best thing you can do to help your sick friend is to become the healthiest you.  Help your friends in poverty by showing them how YOU plan to be abundant in your life.  Help those who need spiritual protection to do it themselves.  Help your depressed friend by being happy.

The only choice the people around you have is to create their lives.  You can’t save other people but you can save yourself!

If things are overwhelming to you some of the steps you can take is taking my Peace in the Chaos course but also:

  • Learn to cut cords by washing away any energy that doesn’t serve you.
  • Limit your time spent around people that you “can’t save”
  • Remove any external stimuli that brings up your concern (TV, Social Media)
  • Watch my video to learn how to Ground Down to mother earth.


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